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All songs written, performed and recorded by Charly Humbolt.   


    Ah,  how long does it take to write a song - minutes, days, weeks, months and/or just as possible, not at all. 

Do I believe the song that seemingly and effortlessly writes itself in a blink (it does happen that way, sometimes ...) is also a different contribution than that which absorbs weeks and months?  What about the undones, sitting patiently and residing at unknown addresses, their digital and manila folders taking up space all the same?
    Only partially in control of what develops from within (bouncing off the margins of both the conscious and not so), when in that expressive mode or the flow of the muse, the sense of
time becomes irrelevant just as it should - don't ask me the time or how it begins:  When in that groove, you just don't want to move, No telling when that well will fill up again ... (repeat)

    We all know sooner or later, it's not how long something takes but what it takes to get it right, not "right" as in correct, but in the experience of creative perfection - as the soul takes flight; upwards, downwards, sideways, all ways, that's the magic, motion and rhythm of raw, boundless energy.  An irresistible force when the intellect becomes captive to that which it cannot compete because it cannot control.

    When in the midst of an iridescent mustard weed field or in the solitary company of a nectar drinking butterfly, feeling what only you can envision, or hear, or touch, or play and,  what only you can attempt to conjure and uniquely express, that then becomes the timeless journey of the creative spirit, the ultimate gift from you to you and to the world beyond; whether it takes minutes, days, weeks, months and/or not at all".   Sounds all too serious, yes?  Hopefully and mostly, serious fun, why else all the fuss!    CH (2017)

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All songs written, performed and recorded by Charly Humbolt.   ... drum loops (where used) are edited from free works (either understood or inferred) if not,  I owe someone something, let me know ... CH May 2017

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